Why choose Licks?

We use top-quality ingredients for a top-quality taste

From our little dixie cups to our big 5 litre tubs, we never cut corners on quality.
Licks is committed to using only the finest quality produce in each and every batch. We’re proud to say that most of our fruit is grown and harvested right here in Far North Queensland. Our sorbets are dairy and gluten free, while our gelato and frozen yogurts are gluten free.

4 reasons why Licks gelato is better than ice-cream

1. Less air
While some air is needed for structure and scoopability, too much will leave you without flavour and body. At only 20%, our artisan gelato has lower air content or ‘overrun’ than most ice-cream. This gives Licks a more intense flavour and better value for money!

2. Less fat
With a lower cream content, Licks artisan gelato is lower in fat than most ice-cream and better for you. Licks dairy gelatos have around 7–8% fat content, while our sorbets or non-dairy flavours and zero fat content, so it spends more time on your lips than it does on your hips

3. Smoother texture
Licks artisan gelato has a much softer and smoother texture than traditional ice-cream.

4. Small batch freshness
Licks artisan gelato is made fresh onsite in a small batch freezer compared to commercially produced ice-cream, which made in huge continuous freezer, stored and then shipped a long distance to where it finally gets sold.